5 Email Marketing Automations You Need On Your E-Commerce Website

Just like in every other area of a business, email marketing is also a very important aspect for growing and maintaining your business. While email marketing might seem very simple and straightforward, it can actually become very demanding and complicated very often.

Since email marketing can be very time-consuming and complicated, with time, there emerged different approaches to create solutions for specific requirements and aspects of email marketing. While big global companies tended to create their own email marketing teams, since smaller businesses didn’t have the enough resource availability for this approach, they chose to automate certain things and processes in email marketing. Over time, these automation tools became so useful and easy to maintain that even the industry giants started using automation tools and processes in their email marketing campaigns.

In today’s post, we will introduce you to the world of automation tools in E-mail marketing, how they can benefit you, and which 5 of them we definitely suggest you use for your business.

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation basically refers to a tool or algorithm that carries out a certain series of tasks and functions for you to save time and money for your business. For example, an automation tool for your email marketing campaign can enable you to send a welcome email to every person that has subscribed to your system. 

In email marketing automation systems, there are usually elements that we like to call tags, which enable you to categorize your subscribers into certain groups, which helps with sending an email to a specific group of subscribers, saving your time from choosing each individual subscriber to send your email by hand. 

Our Top 5 Email Marketing Automation Suggestions

Welcome Your New Subscribers

The first and most important step of email marketing automation is welcoming your new subscribers. With certain email marketing automation tools, you can create a or a series of emails that can be automatically sent by the automation tool to the people that have subscribed to your system. 

Sending a warm welcoming email to your new subscribers does not only make them feel special and valued, but they can also help them gain more interest towards your business or website. 

Engage With Your Inactive Email Marketing Subscribers

With time, a group of subscribers in your system might become inactive or uninterested in your website or business. To regain their interest in your website or business, you can create a certain email or email campaign that you can direct to the subscribers that have not opened your emails for a certain period of time. 

Re-engaging with your old subscribers enables you to gain their interest. Especially creating  special campaigns such as limited discounts or “come-back offers” can be very impactful and increase your website traffic or sales by a remarkable amount. 

Encourage Your Subscribers To Send Feedback

Every once in a while, it might be good to learn more about how your subscribers consider your service quality and what they think about your business. To do so, you can create email campaigns that send your subscribers surveys or emails that encourage them to share their thoughts with you every once in a while. 

Make Your Subscribers Feel Special

Making your subscribers feel special by importing a tool that takes their name and uses it in the emails or starting an email campaign to celebrate your subscribers’ birthdays can create a great difference in keeping your subscribers interested in your business. 

However, to do such things, you should make sure that you gather the required information from your subscribers with their consent during the subscription process. 

Run Cart Abandonment Campaigns (If You Run an Online Store)

Sometimes, customers might forget what they were going to buy, they might add the product they want to buy to their carts, but never actually buy it. To avoid this as much as possible, you can start a cart abandonment campaign that notifies your customers about the products they were going to buy by saying that they have products left in their cart. This can help greatly with increasing your sales. 

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