4 Ways To Avoid Boring Your Email Subscribers

We all know that “send more, earn more” strategy make a ascent for short-range sells in the beginning but in the long run some subscribers may be bored and they want to unsubscribe from your list. There are many methods to balance delivery rates and attendance of subscribers.

The subscribers who disturbed from your email tempo may are not the most active persons, but this is not mean of they are not interested. Remember that they are people who can potentially order in the future. There are some ways to reduce your potential target sales casualties without disturb your subscribers in this process by keeping confused subscribers in your list, instead of apply the start over strategies again with take out unactive subscribers from your list.

with these ways;

1) Change the title

First of all, detect the subscribers who may will be bored with number of emails that you send. You may have tested differences and catch the ideal rates for priorities in your list, but sucscribers may still ignore this. It’s time to apply to defender strategies for revive again this subscribers.

If you don’t want to decrease the number of emails which you send, or if you don’t have opportunity for this, differentiate the content and change the title of your introductory email.

2)Take a break

If inactive subscribers are more than what you expect, remove these contacts from lists of emails that you think are unnecessary. I know the emails which reports “only hours left” provides increase on products that their sales about to finish and the power of the sending these emails again, but these additional sended emails can bother some subscribers and induce to regression on your list.

3. Frequency in approved e-mails

Last two suggestions in membership options are for the subscriber to choose the frequency of emails that he / she will receive. Approval email option provides The approval mail option not only allows the subscriber to control the frequency in the mail he / she will receive, but also shows you how satisfied your subscribers are with your current mail frequency. It is seen that the subscribers were not lost when gave the option of receive emails that they want to subscribers who always want quit from list. These approval mail options can be time-dependent (just like  receive weekly / receive monthly mail) or campaign-based / specific product discounts or the best discount of the month.

4. Seasonal Hiding

Even if you have customers throughout the year, you may have a section for customers who want to shop at certain times of the year. After this short but busy shopping period, you can offer your customers who receive these mails the option not to receive emails until the next season.

Providing more ways for your subscribers to stay in your program and allowing them to access the facilities provided by your brand, makes sure that your brand stays in mind in a way that subscribers are always ready to shop. These strategies allow you to find the right balance in your message frequency and reduce the inconvenience of subscribers.

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