4 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

Email marketing sector is just like a train that moves at a steady pace. It is hard to make radical changes for the marketers when the train is moving at its rapid but steady speed; but, there is a chance to make your campaigns better within the scope of current trends.

You may not notice what you have done wrong since many people do just as like you. However, the solution might be as easy as a single and simple change.



Most important tasks are for the last minute (But they shouldn’t be)

We tend to take the most important decisions at the last minute. Sometimes, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the intensity of the tasks on your table and simply push the “send” button when realizing your email campaigns. But, did you ever thought of the consequences? Just as other methods, email marketing is for having returns on your investment. Making email marketing with rushed decisions and non-optimized newsletter may actually be wasting money for no reason.

In email marketing, the header and the pre-header parts of the email are in fact where your campaign starts. Most of marketers who prepare the campaigns spend too much time on the email content and don’t really think over this part of their campaign. But the headers and the pre-headers are the parts that your subscribers see when they receive an email. That’s why taking a minute to adjust what to show in these parts matters.

What to do? Make sure that you test your campaigns before realizing a mass sending. If the headers and the pre-headers are not compatible with certain devices (most importantly mobile phones) in length; or there are some codes that does not really look well, then change what you need to change to make your emails look better.


Mobile Compatibility and Laziness to Fit to a Changing World

Wake up! The marketing world has changed. Now, people make any transaction on their mobile phones including reading their emails. Have you adjusted your newsletters to work compatibly on mobile phones, as well?

What to do? Knowledge is power. Most certified email marketing companies (such as INBOX) offer detailed after-campaign reports in which you can find statistical data for the devices on which your emails are read. Knowing what device is the most common one via which your subscribers open your emails, you can better fit in the current trends and increase your rates.

Keeping track of the new devices and their standards is not a profession for any company; therefore, laziness can be accepted as normal in this sector. We have realized that most of our customer did not adjust their newsletters for mobile compatibility and the ones who did generally spent too much time on it. So, we made it easy with INBOXBrush to create mobile-optimized newsletters in minutes.


Lack of Creativeness

In the digital world, the tastes come and go. As Heraclitus said: “the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself”. Have you realized that your campaigns began to be read less after you have sent similar newsletters with similar headers and content? Well, that’s why.

What to do? Many people don’t like to spend too much time on campaign creation and design; but it has become so easy that you can create something beautiful, catchy and effective in minutes with different tools over internet. Just allocate some time for your email content and get better returns on your investment. For mobile-optimized and good-looking newsletters, you can start using INBOXBrush. It is integrated into INBOX panel and free. Save your designs as templates and makes sending next time with minor changes on it.


Lack of Knowledge

It is normal if you don’t know how email marketing works. You don’t have to understand the mechanics behind the scene, as well. After all, it is not your job. But some basics and useful tips would help a lot on your campaigns and decrease your cots while optimizing the returns.

It may surprise you if you receive too many feedbacks about your emails falling in spam boxes. Your campaigns may not generate open rates over 10%. But did you know that even the largest companies who spend too much time and money and hire specialized people on their digital marketing teams receive pretty much similar numbers as you?

What to do? Email marketing is the best Return on Investment (ROI) marketing method. Be calm and start learning by reading blogs. The numbers may seem less than you expected but still you are probably generating more than you thought, too. Learning the basics about email marketing increases your rates and lead you to prepare better campaigns each time.

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