3 Ways To Grow Email List

Email marketing doesn’t work if you don’t build an email list to send your messages to users that are interested in your services or products. If you got email addresses from your previous customers, you have a great start point.

 1. Developing related opt-in offers

Developing related opt-in offers for your audience is the first step to grow your email marketing list. Your offer should be valuable to your target audience, you can offer a great weekly newsletter, a discount, a free test or demonstration of your product or a free sample, that marketers term as a lead magnet.

With that, an opt-in form which does not present a special offer or a lead magnet can promote all the good content that you will share in your newsletter design, like “Sign up fort he important news and tips.”

2. Creating influential opt-in forms

You are able to create opt-in forms with most email marketing tools. This process is very simple, but there is generally a problem: opt-in form designs that provided within email marketing tools are usually very basic. You could be limited about the layout, colors and even the quantity or arrangement of copy. If you’re seriously wanting to grow your email marketing list, then you need to use a better opt-in form tool.

3. Lead target audience to your online opt-in forms

If your target audience doesn’t see your opt-in forms, you can’t grow your email marketing list effectively. Luckily, you have lots of steps to provide the audience to see your opt-in forms.

Build your list offline
You can do this one by using the signup forms at conferences, trade shows or etc.. Including the URL of your opt-in form on your                  business cards, your print ads, brochures and etc. can be good examples for this.

Using social media to attracting more people
Social media marketing is a good way to lead traffic to your website and opt-in forms. You should post helpful information on your              social media accounts with links to your opt-in forms.

 • Online advertising
You can extremely increase your opt-in form submissions with online advertising by Google Adwords, Facebook ads and so on digital          services or on your targeted websites.

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