3 Simple Tricks to Increase Your Open Rates

Do you spend a lot of time to create the perfect email marketing email only to discover that your receiver didn’t open it? If so, here are some tricks to increase your email marketing emails’ open rates.

     1. Think like your subscribers

You should think like your subscribers to reach your subscribers. Think your own email inbox. How do you determine which email marketing emails you read and which you delete? You quickly skim the subject lines and first sentences to look for important messages.

     2. Make your emails personal

If your receivers even suspect that your email marketing email is a blast or campaign, then your subscribers will delete your email. That is why promotional email headlines don’t work anymore. If you want to create successful email marketing emails, then you need to make the subject all about them.  Look for a way to personalize, and don’t be afraid of trying something a bit playful or provocative.

Another way to personalizing an email marketing email is by ditching the formal language. Too many marketers try to impress their customers with their amazing grammar and formality, but it just comes off as salesy. Write to your subscribers like a friend, instead of open your email with the subscriber’s first name.

     3. Use plugins

Using a plugin to track your open rates is the best way to keeping up with effective email marketing strategies for your industry.

There are plugins which let you know when your emails are opened by receivers. One of these plugins is provided by INBOX, INBOX offers an advanced campaign report system; you can track your emails with this system and also you can benefit from other features of this system.

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