3 Common Mistakes About Building Email List

     1. Sending Emails İrregularly

You may start to build an email marketing list with great intentions, planning to send a weekly tip plus a longer monthly newsletter design, but when months slip by without email marketing emails, you will confusing and quite possibly annoying your subscribers.

     2. Forgetting to promote email list

If you launch your email marketing list, then you will probably find yourself writing about it on your blog, encouraging your social media followers to sign up to your list, getting other entrepreneurs for promoting your opt-in incentive, and so on. In the process of time, though, it is easy to forget to promote your email marketing list actively.


     3. Getting upset by unsubscribing

When you send out an email to an email marketing list, some of your subscribers will unsubscribe. While this is understandably disconcerting, you shouldn’t panic that you are doing something wrong. The fact is, some subscribers will inevitably be clearing out their inboxes and reducing their subscriptions.

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