3 Benefits of Email Marketing

     1. Email marketing easy to tap into the incrementally growing mobile market

Without email marketing, it would be nearly impossible for marketers to reach the audience when they aren’t using their computers. People check their inboxes on their mobile devices at least once a day.

     2. Email Marketing offers the best ROI

In the end, email marketing is an affordable marketing channel, this means even if the email marketing campaign bombs, the marketer is not in any trouble. In comparison, given their high spend, failed advertising email marketing campaigns using direct mail, print advertising, radio and TV can be disastrous.

     3. Clients like to stay informed

Clients like to know about coupons because they like to save their money when they shop. Actually, coupons are what drive online shopping. Clients tend to like email marketing email sequences which educate and engage them. Mini email courses from subject experts can pack a lot of good information, creating a great win-win for clients and marketers.


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