Why You Should Use Email Marketing

If you’re sending frequent emails to a growing email list, setting up an account through an email marketing service. You need some practice to create a good newsletter design and this keeps you very busy. You can get help from … Read More

Why You Are Losing Your Subscribers

Losing some subscribers is totally normal in email marketing. Even so, your subscribers may think that you’re annoying and angering them, even if you don’t realize this. You may send too many emails to your subscribers If you send an … Read More

6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Must Do Email Marketing

1. It effectively gets new customers Research shows that email marketing is totally more effective than social media about getting new customers, with email marketing, the number of your customers will climb fastly. 2. It is cost-effective Email marketing has … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Use Image-Only Emails

Images help you to keep the newsletter design consistent, and you can use your brands’ fonts, place copy  on images and even more without coding. You may think desining image-only newsletters is a good idea, but you should consider that … Read More

How Can You Write Clearer and More Persuasive Emails

If you are struggling with copywriting, know that you are not alone about this. Some of you are good at strategic thinking or are connoisseur at the design and creative direction. But you still need to improve your writing to … Read More

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

You may think that email marketing is an old now, but it’s still vital one. We’ve listed subjects that support that, let’s check out them!     1. Reaching to mobile customers is easy with Email Email marketing provides to … Read More

Reasons Why You Have a Low Open Rate and How You Can Increase It

Here are 4 reasons that explain why is your open rate may be lower than it should be:   1. Quality of your subscribers If you are sending your emails to a purchased email list, then you will get lower … Read More

What’s A Good Open Rate For Email Marketing

By regularly monitoring your email marketing campaign,  you are able to know how many of the receivers have opened their email. This is one of the best features of email marketing. You can’t obtain any information like that about success of your campaign … Read More

Manage Your Email Marketing Campaign Effectively

  1. Know Your Target Users Before deciding to starting a new campaign, you should be sure about who can be an ideal audience for your brand, You spare as much time as you need for that, or you start your email … Read More

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