Why is Your Email Content More “Spam” Than You Think?

Many of our users ask about why their emails land in “spam” but not in the inboxes. Deliverability remains an issue that is hard to figure out. How exactly the system works? Your deliverability depends on three factors: Your infrastructure … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Email Marketing Lists?

It seems an easy and profitable idea to collect lists that are prepared based on location and sectoral information. You can pay a reasonable amount of money to an outer source and have thousands of new contacts to send your … Read More

How to Create Your Own Database In Email Marketing

To do email marketing, you need to send messages. But, to whom? Naturally, any business or entity that seeks to expand via email marketing must establish a database that consists of email addresses that are acquired legally. How you build … Read More

The Easiest Newsletter Creation with INBOXBrush

Email marketing has the best ROI among any marketing method. With INBOXBrush, it is now easier, cheaper and accessible for everyone. Even for smallest entities that don’t have a marketing department. Within minutes, anyone can create smartly designed, mobile-optimized newsletters … Read More

Best Workflows to Automate Your Email Campaigns

Do your subscribers know when they will receive a message from you beforehand? Maybe they don’t get enough care by you and you should better personalize your email marketing campaigns. Making some change with INBOX Triggers might help you in … Read More

6 Parameters to Follow For A Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing is definitely the most advantageous marketing method since it allows users to track all the steps and any behavior of the persons interacted. When considered with all the analyzation skills and statistics you have on an email marketing … Read More

4 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

Email marketing sector is just like a train that moves at a steady pace. It is hard to make radical changes for the marketers when the train is moving at its rapid but steady speed; but, there is a chance … Read More

Tips for E-Commerce Web-Sites To Increase Newsletter Flow

TIPS FOR E-COMMERCE WEB-SITES TO INCREASE NEWSLETTER FLOW Online newsletters are the most indivisible part of any marketing strategy in the 21st century. Their part and ROI in the digital marketing world expands every day. With the personalized methods to … Read More

Email Marketing in The Mobile Era

EMAIL MARKETING IN THE MOBILE ERA AND HOW TO ADJUST YOURSELF TO THE NEW TRENDS The digital world and our social lives are going through a mobile revolution. This period of the history demands the marketers to reshape their strategies … Read More

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