2 Email Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

For marketers that use email marketing, getting your messages into the inbox is critical. But there are some misconceptions about email marketing reveal that the real challenge is not about getting in the inbox at all. The point is creating content which people actually want to read. And it is that simple.

Check the below for the two biggest myths about email marketing:

     1. People want my content

You may think your content is what everyone wants, but that isn’t the reality. Not everyone finds your content irresistible, and not everyone thinks it is valuable to them.

You should know your audience. For this, survey them and ask for feedback on a regular, but try to don’t annoy them. You can ask them what product features or new service offerings would be beneficial to them.

     2. My emails are not showing up in inboxes

Inbox filters may cause your emails to get auto-filtered into promotions or social folder.

You should have a personal engagement to showing up in a receiver’s primary inbox instead of being placed into one of the filtered folders. But, engagement for email marketing is a bit of different than person to person emails that focus is mostly on interpersonal conversations. The difference with email marketing is that the goal is to get groups of people to engage by clicking on the embedded links that take them to more of your content found on your website, blog or social channels.

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