10 Tips to Make Your Newsletter Visually Appealing



Newsletter design has a significant role for successful e-mail campaigns since many businesses want to be remembered by their customers and show them their corporate identity. If your newsletter looks good to your customer, this will increase your click rate. Thus, we can say that creating attractive newsletters can increase the return on investment of companies, because, consumers have positive tendency towards them and their products.

In this article, you can find 10 tips to design visually appealing newsletters.


  • Outline

An outline is an important tool for preparation process. It helps you to organize your thoughts and information that you want to share with your customer. Before starting to design your newsletter, you can follow the steps on your outline. You can organize the content, put it in an order and make it easier to follow for your customer.

  • Header

The header is an essential part of visually appealing newsletter design. It is located at the top of the newsletter and it should contain your company name, logo and title if you need. Many receivers, first, looking at the header, so it is a good opportunity for companies to be recognized by their customers and make a good impression.

  • Color Harmony

While designing your newsletter, you need to choose colours wisely. In that point, your logo’s colour is quite important. You can use that colour as a font colour. Avoid using exactly transverse colours from logo’s colour. Please keep in mind that, colours have a considerable effect on consumer behaviours.

  • Subheading

Using subheading could be very effective to make your newsletter visually appealing. You may have different content in your newsletter and subheadings are the key tool to put them in an order. It is better to use the same clear font for all subheadings you want to use and font size should be smaller than the header.

  • Pictures

In visually appealing newsletter design, pictures are used wisely. Using pictures can make your readers give attention. However, using too many pictures could prevent them to concentrate on your message. So, text and picture using should be balanced for both designing attractive newsletters and take your customers attention.

  • Retina Display

Retina display is basically related to pixel density. The higher the pixel we have, the higher clearness and detailed image we get. So, the logic is simple, you need to use clear and detailed images in your newsletters, in other words, your images need to be compatible on Retina Display.

  • Inspiration

A little inspiration could shape your ideas and imagination positively. Therefore, it would be nice for you to observe other companies’ newsletter designs and get new ideas. To do that, you can subscribe other companies’ newsletter in your industry. You can develop those ideas and use for your future newsletter designs.

  • Feedback

Even if we think that we design a great newsletter, getting feedback from different eyes has always been a good thing. After you have done with designing newsletter, you can ask for feedback from your colleagues, friends, or family. You may miss some details for your design and you can fix it according to their feedback. Also, this is a good way to get advice from other people.

  • Content Layout

You may have ideas about the content of your newsletter, but adjusting your content layout is also very important. If you do that correctly, it will be looking good to your customers and they can easily scroll and follow. Otherwise, readers may be distracted or get bored easily.

  • Using INBOXBrush

You can design visually appealing newsletters with INBOXBrush in few minutes and for free. It is an easy-to-use, drag/drop based tool for creating beautiful newsletter designs. It includes sectoral-divided ready templates, hundreds of modules and a large photo library for any special event and business sector. It also offers an advanced photo editor and allows you to store unlimited numbers of templates and pictures.

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