10 Basic Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Performance


Most companies have pretty good email marketing  startegies in the information age; but, could it be better? Let’s have a look at these 10 steps and improve your performance.


1) Evaluate your preferences for a better strategy

There are 3 main paths to improve your preferences; to ask, to observe and to categorise.

To improve your preferences when setting up a strategy, you need to stay in contact with your subscribers and ask them their channel preferences and user experiences. Also, with the dtailed reports you receive from your email marketing server you need to observe whethet you are doing good or not. Without even notice, you may even become a spammer in email marketing. But remember, email marketing is the mot trackable marketing method; so it is pretty easy to imrpove yourself if you follow these three paths.


2) Synchronise your data and correct it

Most companies  have more than one  channels where they keep their customer data. Make sure that all your data is updated simultaneously on all the channels you use for marketing. A simple way of doing it is to integrate your databases with API. INBOX offers API integration for free for its customers; by which they wouldn’t have to worry about handling synchronisation almost everyday.


3) Check what triggers the communication

Some campaigns trigger more consumer actions than others. Check your reports to discover what triggers most action. If you did not automate your campaigns already, you should think about it right after reading this article. Automation is key to generate the most out of email marketing. Keep that in mind that you cannot do everything by hand. Let your email marketing system think for you. They are smarter than you think now.


4) How to reach the inboxes?

Unfortunately, no email marketing provider can guarantee your emails falling into the inboxes. It is technically impossible. What you need to do is to make sure that you  have verified email addresses. The next step is to keep your database clean and fresh all the time. Some email marketing platforms, including that of INBOX offers to do it for you with their detailed reporting systems and automations. Don’t hesitate to delete subscribers who are either unreachable or inactive. According to the researches, you lose 20% of your subscribers each year. This is the nature of email marketing. You should find new ways to add new ones to your database to keep it fresh and active. More importantly, you must consider the technical boundaries to land in the inboxes; but this is the subject of another article.



5) Are you keeping up with the mobile era?

The mobile era has come! If you can’t catch up with the new trends then you fail in marketing basically. Read here to discover how to do it.


6) Plan your segmentation strategy

Do you open emails that are obviously a part of a mass sending?
Well, today nobody does. Personalization in marketing is key to success. Don’t worry; because it is easier than you think and even automatable (this may not be a word). Since your campaigns and any move in the digital world is trackable, you can now know what your subscribers want. You simply offer them what they want with a reasonable deal. Without doubt, it takes time to improve personalization in your campaigns; but eventually, what generates better Return on Investment (ROI) is utmost personalization.

See here for awesome INBOX Segmentation features.


7) Follow your reports

Most email marketing services offer detailed reports for extra prices. So, you need to realize that they matter. The reports are the best and easiest way to see and evaluate your performance in email marketing. See here to discover INBOX Reports and how to make to use of them.


8) Integrate with social media

Social media is not an alternative to email marketing. They should be used together. They are stronger together!

Be sure to do these 2 things: firstly, put a web-form page in social media sites for easy subscription to your email list. This will provide you a healthy and fresh mailing list. Secondly, create your email campaigns in accordance with popular social media contents. This will increase the popularity of your brand. Remember, catching up with the new trends is what makes a good marketing.


9) Build new networks by enlarging your database

Well functioning brands control the size of their email lists regularly. Since the databases naturally face with erosion, it is important to get new people into your mailing lists everyday. Monitoring these 3 values is always a good idea: a)The net growth of your email list, b) the net growth of email IDs in your direct mail database, and c) the steady growth in clicks


10) Create attractive contents

No matter how well you do until you attract as many people as possible to open your emails; at the end of the day, what’s inside the box will make them decide whether or not they are interested into your product or service. Creating attrative contents that are as personalized as possible is the most important key to your success in email marketing.



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